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Future Tech Trends to Affect HR

The future is admittedly difficult to predict.  But there are strong trends hard to ignore.  They are beginning to affect the workplace, HR processes and company IT systems.  These technological advances will soon be at our doorstep.

Trend #1 - Smartphones (no surprise here)

The Gartner research group sees companies in 2015 increasing their focus on smartphone uses as the workplace is becoming increasing mobile.   Cisco predicts that by 2018, 95% of people worldwide will connect to the Internet through a smart device.  The needs of mobile users will become dominant and companies will have to adapt.  Also, company websites will need to be adapted and friendly to mobile technology.

On the HR front, recruiting will be increasingly done over mobile devices.  Timekeeping and leave reporting is now available via smartphones as with new software released into the market this past year.   Smartphones will become a more universal platform available to all types of workers who may or may not have a dedicated office.  The days of the office desktop are numbered.  And screen sizes are becoming increasingly larger which will enable more and more opportunity and functionality.

Trend #2 - Network Reliability and Security Tested (a big deal) 

Company IT network reliability will be tested by the growing demands for data, graphics, video, cloud access, mobile applications, etc.  Network performance will be as important as ever and will be severely tested with bandwidth clogged and response time slowed by these multiple sources.  When or if this starts to affect worker productivity and morale, you will have a big problem on your hands. 

But the even greater problem may be data security.  Data breach reports are rising in frequency and reported by the largest U.S. companies and financial institutions.  Having top notch IT security management will be increasingly important.  And when there is a breach, managing public awareness/reaction and disaster recovery are two critical items to be ready for.

Trend #3 - Wearable technology (don’t laugh)                                 

Smartwatches, Google glasses, fitness bands.  These are all hitting the market.  And while they may not have immediate business applications, HR Management will need to consider how these products will be used in the workplace and may need to develop policies.  It should be noted that while these are currently clunky or obvious, subsequent generations will become sleeker and less noticeable and maybe even unnoticeable.  Employees will need to understand how to use these responsibly while at work.

This blog is based on a recent article by Aliah Wright for SHRM online.