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HR Technology: Online Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration, Made 21st Century Simple

Screenshot of Benepix Login ScreenOnline, faster, easier... There is a smarter way to administer benefits. Using a benefit administration system helps you build a smarter workforce by simplifying, organizing and better tracking your employee benefits administration, dramatically reducing errors and unnecessary paperwork.


Your employees will enjoy reduced paperwork, 24/7 access to their benefits data, and high quality online tutorials and videos that aid them as they navigate through their benefits choices.


For many years only the largest firms have enjoyed access to well structured, highly flexible online benefit administration systems. Now, we're bringing this functionality to firms of all sizes, including yours. Even better, most systems come with savvy features, such as decision making support tools to make sure your employees are making the right choices.


Setup & Support from Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence

Screenshot of Benepix Benefits Automation ApplicationMoreover, we'll work with you to set up your firm's benefit choices in these highly flexible systems. The end result will be a consolidated interface for managing your firm's benefits, including medical, dental, life, disability - even voluntary benefits that are unique to your firm.


Towards this end, we've assembled a wide spectrum of national and local vendors offering the broadest possible portfolio of systems from which you may select, that will fit your budget and your needs. We’ll even load your employees' data to get you started. So why wait?



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