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Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence Announces Strategic Partnership with Tom Myers of Access33

May 12, 2014

Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence (HBHRI) has formed a strategic partnership with Access 33, Inc. and its founder Tom Myers. As HBHRI continues to expand its organizational wellness services based on client feedback, it became apparent that a tool to measure employee engagement was essential in measuring employee wellbeing and providing clear analytics to our clients upon which they could act. After vetting a number of engagement surveys, it was clear that the Access 33 3P Assessment Survey©™ should be that tool.

HBHRI will administer the 3P Assessment Survey©™ at your organization and utilize its in-house expertise, and that of Tom Myers, to deliver engagement results and recommendations.  This process will help prepare your organization and your employees to realize their greatest potential. The assessment results will also allow your organization to establish benchmarks and highlight areas of strength and possible improvements with clear direction on how to do so. 

As experienced leaders in the field of wellness, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence recognizes that traditional wellness efforts aren’t effective without an understanding of the larger employee engagement picture. In its partnership with Access 33, Inc. and Tom Myers, that picture can now be completed with the 3P Assessment Survey©™ making the most of your organizational initiatives.