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Posted by Greg Paradiso | Tue, October 27
That was the title of the message from SHRM CEO Henry Jackson in the October 2015 publication of HR Magazine. The main message is SHRM has anticipated many impacts on HR from technology advances and... » read more
Posted by Lori Smith | Mon, October 19
This first component for “creating one’s best day” has to do with the critical starting point. In order for each of us to to pursue better days at work, we need to make a conscience effort to do so... » read more
Posted by Lori Smith | Wed, September 30
In September, I co-presented with Porter Knight on Creating Your Best Day, Every Day: Strategies for Individual and Organizational Wellbeing. In this workshop we unveiled Seven Key Components that we... » read more
Posted by Greg Paradiso | Wed, September 30
Much has been said the past two years about expected growth in the use of private benefit exchanges.  These were envisioned and used prior to the ACA and introduction of public health exchanges but... » read more
Posted by Hilary Whitaker | Wed, September 30
The rising impact and importance of voluntary benefits within an overall benefits strategy has been a hot topic in the last few years. Employers are increasingly understanding how voluntary benefits... » read more
Posted by Michael Kilfoyle | Wed, September 30
When is enough enough?  For years now, employers offering health insurance have repeatedly said that their biggest challenge in managing employee benefits is dealing with health insurance increases... » read more
Posted by Greg Paradiso | Wed, September 30
For better or worse, Human Resource Departments are often involved or charged with determining the methods and norms of internal communications.  Communication is a “human” process so this is no... » read more
Posted by Brenda Sabin | Tue, September 15
Do you currently offer Domestic Partner coverage on your health insurance plans? If so, should you continue?  Many employers offered this coverage to their employees as they often felt some employees... » read more
Posted by Greg Paradiso | Tue, August 11
Investments in HR Technology companies are growing at a record pace in 2015.  According to the Wall Street Journal, venture capital firms are putting record amounts of money into the growth of HR... » read more
Posted by Greg Paradiso | Mon, July 27
A private benefit exchange (PBE) is simply an online marketplace where employees can choose from a wide array of medical, dental, life, disability and voluntary benefits.   A private exchange is... » read more