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Small Businesses Looking for New HR/Payroll Systems

A recent national survey indicates the interest of small businesses when it comes to purchasing an HR/Payroll system.  Software Advice, an Austin Texas based company, specializes in helping organizations find a match to their software needs.  As a result, they interview thousands of small businesses each year.  When it comes to HR/Payroll systems, they have found that a high majority (84%) are looking for a payroll solution that is part of a human resources software suite.  In addition, 69% prefer a web-based deployment approach for payroll software. 

Most want a system that has one point of data entry and avoidance of multiple systems.  A surprising trend was that 56% wanted to replace their current commercial payroll solution (such as ADP), apparently to take advantage of newly available options that may be more current, less costly and more accessible over the web. 

Reasons for wanting to purchase new software were primarily to increase efficiency, replace manual with automated processes and to utilize functions that are missing from their current system.  When asked what particular features they were looking for, buyers stated reporting and self-service were the most desired.

The majority of these small to mid-size businesses had 250 employees or less, and most had revenues of $25 million or less.  For more information on this survey, go to http://www.softwareadvice.com/