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The Shifting Paradigm

Wellness, like health care, is under reform.  In essence, a paradigm shift is occurring where employee engagement is becoming the centerpiece of wellness efforts and innovation and productivity are replacing a reduction in health care costs as the drivers of wellness.  This blog is created to help you understand this new world of wellness.

Recent studies like the Rand, Harvard Review and Reuters are challenging common wellness assumptions that corporate wellness programs are successful at reducing medical expenditures. The traditional wellness value proposition of improving individual health while mitigating rising insurances costs may be may be overstated. In response, many veteran wellness professionals believe that the new emerging wellness proposition encompasses strategies that energize employees, improve workplace cultures and help organizations to become high performers in their marketplace. 

The Organizational Wellness team at Hickok & Boardman continues to re-examine the question, why wellness? We believe that our clients need to take a step back and re-evaluate their own wellness value proposition by asking why wellness is important to them as well as for their employees. We stand by the position that employee health is an integral role in a well workplace culture but physical wellbeing is only one small part of an energized, passionate and engaged workforce.