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How Will You Get to Where You Want to be?

Creating Your Best Day, Every Day: Component #2 and #3 Clarify Goals, Outcomes and Schedule Action

This is where the real work begins!  Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and ask yourself how you will plan for success.  How will you determine your goals and objectives and be strategic in the approach to experience best days at work?  Like all sound business initiatives, there is a need for an operating plan or “blueprint” with clear goals and objectives accompanied by an action plan with appropriate interventions to meet those goals. Also, remember that long-term success requires sound evaluation measures to determine if the plan is effective.

For individuals, this step requires us to move from our good intentions to actions. But first, we need to reflect and determine what components are needed to create our best days. For me, my best days include arriving in the office with a smile and greetings, having a day with minimal interruptions but enough social contact to energize me, being a team member and making sure that I feel well and energized all day with proper nutrition and water. Now, do I get to accomplish all these things everyday? No, but at least I am aware of what I am reaching for. I challenge you to try this for yourself so I am sharing a blog that I follow. http://www.success.com/article/take-10-actions-to-make-this-your-best-day-ever

On the organizational level, employers also need to take the time to truly understand what employees need to bring their best selves to work each day. Before creating an effective operating plan with meaningful goals and objectives, we need employee voice in the process. For this reason, I highly recommend a series of well-facilitated focus groups to hear what employees have to say on this topic. With the right questions, you will learn what motivates employees, what are their challenges and what are the opportunities to align current business practices and/or norms to create better days for all.  Most of the time, it’s the little things that matter and small changes can lead to great gains.

So how will you get to where you help yourselves and your organization to create better days at work? Remember the answer is to take the time to “clarify the goals, define the desired outcomes and schedule the action needed for long-term success". Also, you may want to grab a friend or colleague and reach your goals together! Best of luck!