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How to Find Passion and Purpose

By Dr. Stuart Offer, Wellness Coach & Educator, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence.

Did you ever hear someone say “I love what I do” or “I would do this job even if I didn’t get paid”?  If this does not describe you, hearing this could make you as frustrated as having an itch you just can’t reach.  I have found that every person has a unique purpose and talent.  It may not be so obvious but if you look you will find it exists, for everyone.  It took me the greater part of my life to find my unique purpose and talent, more about this later. 

What if you could tap into what your purpose is and what your talents are?  If you could, then you could focus on your passion and direct your life in a more meaningful and rewarding direction.  If you are a goal setter, than your goals could be adjusted to be more in-line with what you want in your life.  Once found, your true purpose can ignite a passion while helping guide you towards the life you have always wanted and a level of happiness and satisfaction which may have eluded you for years.

For the average person it can be difficult to determine your purpose and your talents.  I have learned a terrific exercise that will help you to do this. 

Try this Purpose Finder Exercise and see if you can find yours.

Step 1:  Ask yourself the Purpose Questions. 

Divide a piece of paper into 4 quadrants.  Write these 4 questions, one in each quadrant:

  • Upper left quadrant -“What do I love to do?”

  • Upper right quadrant -“What am I good at?”

                (What do I have a talent in?  What do people tell me I am good at?)

  • Lower left quadrant -“What is important to me or what is essential to me?”

                (What are my bottom line things?  What makes my life complete?)

  • Lower right quadrant -“What was I born to do?”

    (What do I feel I aught to be doing?  What hunch do I have?  What have I wanted to do but have not had the time to do?  What would I do if I had more time and money?)

  • Now, list your top 7 answers to each of the 4 questions above.  Don’t be too serious, have some fun. 
  • Rank each of the answers in each quadrant in order of importance.  Assume you only had 5 years to live, what would these answers be?  Spend at least a half hour doing this.
  • Now prioritize each of the 4 lists and pick the top 3 things in each quadrant.
  • Notice if you can link these things in the quadrants.  If you can find links between them you are on your way to finding your purpose.
  • See if there are any other linkages present or sub-purposes.  Don’t expect to discover the “meaning of life” however this may help uncover or discover the meaning of “your life”.
  • Hopefully the first part of this exercise will help you realize if your goals are leading you