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Daily Wellbeing: Making Meaningful Change in Moments and Days

A great deal of buzz has emerged on the topic of “daily wellbeing”. Much of this conversation is based on determining one’s so called, “daily experience” which measures the cumulative effect of both positive and negative experiences throughout our days. To date, most research evaluating individual wellbeing and life satisfaction has been based on asking people about their lives over the span of years and decades.  Though overall satisfaction with life and wellbeing certainly matters, it’s important to understand that we create meaningful change in moments and days, not years and decades.  

So why has this idea of “daily wellbeing” become so important? Well the answer lies in the fact that today’s world of life and work has placed unprecedented demands on our time and energy. Long work hours coupled with demanding schedules, all while balancing our personal lives, have left many of us feeling stressed and exhausted. Employers are taking notice that the topic of employee engagement is front and center and affecting their bottom line. Improving employee health, wellbeing and performance are top priorities to improve employee engagement and organizational culture.

Best-selling author Tom Rath, has spent his entire career researching and writing about workplace engagement, health and wellbeing. His newest book, Are You Fully Charged?,  offers employers deeper insight to simple strategies that impact “daily wellbeing”.  Others have joined Rath, presenting the newest research  and trends for creating well workplaces. Mindfulness, resiliency training, finding meaning and purpose and energy management are all part of the new world of wellness programming. The overall goal with these new initiatives is to teach employees new skills to manage stress and learn ways to be at their best in moments and days. ( See Lori’s workshop April 27 th

These newer trends that promise tools and skills to positively impact our daily lives will only grow more widely in the years ahead. Work and life are now fully integrated so the search for daily wellbeing and strategies to be “fully charged” will soon become the norm. Stay tuned!