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Creating Your Best Day, Every Day: Strategies for Individual and Organizational Wellbeing

In September, I co-presented with Porter Knight on Creating Your Best Day, Every Day: Strategies for Individual and Organizational Wellbeing. In this workshop we unveiled Seven Key Components that we believe are the key elements that drive positive change. These components offer a conceptual framework to transform organizational culture and unlock employee productivity to create workplaces where employees are well and enjoy their best days every day. These components are:

  1. Identify Intention
  2. Clarify Goals and Desired Outcomes
  3. Schedule Action
  4. Set Clear Boundaries
  5. Be Well
  6. Be Connected
  7. Reflect and Re-Engage

The idea of creating our best days at work comes from the “evolving” research and understanding of what drives each of us to be at our best. We’re redefining “engagement” as a dual responsibility of the employee and the organization:  It’s a GIVE and TAKE. Employees create their best days and improve their own engagement by being fully present and coming to work with the intention to create their best day.  On the other side, organizations have the responsibility to create environments that support employees to do just that.

Porter and I both agreed that in order to create more great days at work, we need to start with  “intent”. When individuals and organizations start with a positive mindset and focus on what’s going right then greater moments will follow. By harnessing this approach of what’s working well in our lives and in our organizations, we can build on the positive and optimistic mindset to improve performance and culture. All too often, we focus on what’s not going well but now is time to start a revolution. Let’s change our lens today so tomorrow we can shift how we create well environments that support employees in their efforts to bring their best selves to work everyday.

The blogs to follow will break down each component in greater detail. Through my experience with wellness, culture and Appreciative Inquiry, I will present my insights and recommendations on the organizational approach to support employees in their quest to have better days everyday. 

The next blog post will build on component #1, Identify Intention .